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Junior Dancer

Online Ballet Competition

November 2023
For Participants Aged 13-18 Years Old

Meet the Competition Jury

Denis About us_edited.jpg

Denis Matvienko
Artistic Director of Ballet Stage
Merited Artist of Ukraine


Bakhtiyar Adamzhan
Principal Dancer at the Astana Opera Ballet Company,
Honoured Artiest of Kazakhstan

Nina Ananiashvili

Nina Ananiashvili
Artistic Director of State Ballet of Georgia, People's Artist of Georgia


Iryna Tsymbal
Principal dancer at the Vienna
State Opera Ballet

Olivier Patey - Artistic Director of Mosa Ballet School has joined our competition and will be reviewing videos of our shortlisted laureates

Olivier Patey - Artistic Director Mosa Ballet School

"Those talents who fit and blend into Mosa Ballet School’s expectations will be granted a Summer Intensive Scholarship and (depending on performance) they can receive annual scholarships with us"

Learn more about
Mosa Ballet School

Please note - Based on these last minute updates we have extended the application timeline to not miss a chance to showcase your talent!


And Lots More Prize Opportunities!

2 x 150 Euro Cash Prizes

2 x Free entry to Ballet.Stage 
Online Audition 2024

2 x Free entry to Summer
Intensive in Brno 2024

Personal online meeting with
Denis Matvienko for "Most Liked" participant of choice

Gaynor Minden Awards

by Anastasia Matvienko for
"Best Young Ballerina" of choice

Certificate of “Laureate” from 
the Competition (1-2-3 places)

Participation diplima
for all participants


Terms and Conditions

General Terms:

  1. The Ballet Stage Online Junior Dancer Competition is organized by Saltare Partners FZ-LLC.

  2. The registered applicant or participant of the Ballet Stage Junior Dancer Competition is to be referred to as the “Participant”.

  3. His/Her Parent or legal representatives or guardian of applicants below 18 years of age will be referred to as the “Participant”.

  4. Competition held in two age groups: Aged 13 to 15 and 15 to 18.

  5. To participate in the competition you need to submit this Online Application Form by 15th November 2023.

  6. The Application Form includes the link for the required video submission of the Participant submitting the Form.


Video Requirements:

  • Participant to submit link for video recording of the variation/Pas de Deux. Use of old recordings not allowed (Under 6 months).

  • Performance of variation/ Pas de Deux is possible both in a stage costume (preferable), and proper ballet attire. The use of “Makeup” is at the discretion of the Participant. 

  • Please note that a high-quality recording makes it possible to objectively evaluate the Participant and increases His/Her chances of a true or positive assessment by the Jury. 

  • Please ensure that your whole body is in the frame of the video, and you are dancing in a clear and safe space. You can record your video on a camera or a phone/tablet. For phone or tablet users, devices should be set horizontally. Do not use the zoom function as this can make the image quality unclear.

  • Upload the video to "YouTube" and include the link in the Application Form. Video link should be unlisted, not private.


  1. When submitting the online form, the Participants consent to the processing of personal data (processing and use of personal data, dissemination of personal data and providing access to third parties to personal data).

  2. Participants/Competitors will be judged based on their artistry and technical skill abilities.

  3. Male/Female participants in all ages will NOT compete separately.

  4. After completing the Application Form you receive a confirmation email with payment link to confirm participation.

  5. Participation fee of AED 140, including all taxes applies (which is approximately EURO 35.00) or it will not be processed.

  6. Participants from the "Ballet.Stage Online Audition February 2023" can enter free of charge and should not proceed with payment.

  7. The allocation of prizes is carried out at the final meeting by the jury. The decision of the jury is final and is not subject to revision.

  8. Final results will be published on our website and sent to participants via email by 20th November 2023.


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