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Anastasia Matvienko Ballet


 A way of inspiration.


Denis Matvienko

Ballet.Stage is a trusted platform designed to support and benefit the development of upcoming Ballet Artists, Students or already established Professionals who are looking for ways to truly master their Art, and create improved exposure for themselves with the help of our professional industry experience and worldwide network

Its the true passion of Denis Matvienko who has dedicated his life to world stage Ballet where mastery and perfection for the craft has delivered a Professional Ballet career that is only rarely achieved by Artists around the world. This rewarding career has then sparked a desire to give back and support both Emerging and Professional Artists with their ambitions to succeed


The idea was to activate a valuable industry network that can help put a professional Ballet career within reach for Artists. To be rewarded with a fulfilling life journey that is truly admired on the world stage


The initial idea for Ballet.Stage was brought to life in February 2022 at a time when war severely displaced Ukrainian Ballet Artists from being able to perform and develop their Art. 

Denis, his family, and friends had connected with their industry network and relationships around the world to support all Ukrainian Ballet Artists and Students that had reached out for help

The main objective was to provide support while establishing some much needed trust, confidence, and exposure between the vast impacted Artists and industry Professionals who were all made up of several worldwide valued Artistic Directors, Ballet Artists, Theatre's and related Companies

Onwards for several months until today, the team behind Ballet.Stage has been extending "Pro Bono" assistance to impacted Ballet Artists and Students to help restore some of the life quality that has been frozen for so many

We stand with Ukraine


Artistic Directors of Companies

Artists & Students


We have recently concluded our first Online Ballet Audition in February 2023 with lots of interest and stellar performances from participants around the world. A total of 138 candidates were shortlisted as audition finalists of which almost 70 received further opportunities from our partnering Artistic Directors and Companies. 

The Goal of the International Online “Ballet.Stage” Audition 2023 is to provide Ballet dancers and Graduates of Ballet schools the opportunity to demonstrate their talent to Artistic Directors from leading worldwide Ballet companies


Audition applications open on 1st November 2022 and close on the 20th December 2022. Shortlisted Candidates can then expect to receive their respective Audition event admission confirmations (or non-Admission) in order to participate in the Audition by latest 27th December 2022, and need to provide additional video samples by 22nd January 2023

The final Audition results will also be later announced on the 15th February 2023


The Online Ballet.Stage Audition is a real opportunity to demonstrate your talent, fight your own fears, and open up future opportunities for yourself to realize a successful career in Ballet

Participants are kindly reminded to carefully read all the applicable Audition Terms & Conditions before submitting their applications via the Online Website Form


Ukrainian participants can enter free of charge

Ballet Audition


Check back soon for more Artistic Directors

Discover a sample of live performances that can easily be booked with us. Just get in touch to discover how we can help to create an unforgettable performance that works for your theatre or venue, and its audience

Live Performances are the showcase of an Artists passion for Ballet, they are the outcome of countless training hours, rehearsals and emotions. Performances are what we work hard for to perfect, every time, so that we can deliver unforgettable experiences for our audiences around the world

At Ballet.Stage we curate a portfolio of exceptional live performances that have proven public success for several years. As a result the live shows and Artists we represent have earned multiple prestigious awards across Classic and Contemporary disciplines, pleasing audiences time and time again

Some of our most favored performances include:

  • Great Gatsby by Dwight Roden

  • Radio & Juliet by Edward Clug

  • Carmen by Didy Veldman

  • Peer Gynt by Edward Clug

  • And many more..

Radio & Juliet



Live workshops, both as a group or on an individual basis with some of the worlds leading Ballet Artists and Tutors


Both Online and offline Ballet with Professional Artists from well known companies around the world to help you feel and perform at your best


Providing all upcoming Ballet Students and Professionals an international Ballet Competition supported by a world-renowned Jury, exciting prizes, scholarships and even contract possibilities

Have Questions?

Really.. ask us anything!

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