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Anastasia Matvienko Ballet


 A way of inspiration

15-28 July 2024

Ljubljana - Slovenia

With Nina Ananiashvili
Stéphane Phavorin
Denis Matvienko
Special Guest Olga Smirnova

Following the success of our first BalletStage MasterClass event that took place in Brno, we are pleased to announce our event in July 2024

What can be expected on this MasterClass event​​

  • 2 week intensive with leading Artists and Ballet Professionals

  • Split training groups between age groups 10-30 years old

  • Option to book personal or duet training sessions

  • Networking activities with fellow Artists

  • Photo & media exposure possibilities

  • Chance to join our Ballet network!

November 2024  

Competition & Prizes

Ukrainian's Apply Free of Charge
Applications Open from 15th August 2024

Our Second Competition for Junior Dancers! 

Applications start from the 15th August 2024 with final results shared on 30th November 2024

Participation Requirements​​

  • Submit your Picture & Variation/Pas de Deux video 

  • You must be between 13-18 years old (event in 2 age groups)

  • Parent/Guardian permission is required to participate

  • Complete Online Application Form (From 15th August)

  • Click Here for Early Interest and Get 30% Discount

Competition Prizes Include

  • 2 x 200 Euro Cash 

  • 5 x Free Entry to BalletStage Intensive 2025

  • 1 x Stage Costume DesignedSpecially for You

  • 2 x Gift Bag with Most Liked Accessoriesfor Pointe Shoes

  • Gaynor Minden Awards by Anastasia Matvienko for “Best Young Ballerina”

  • Special Prize from @Muromtseva.Store

  • Personal Online Meeting with Denis Matvienko for “Most Liked”

  • Certificate of “Laureate” (1-2-3 places)

  • Participation Diplima for All Participants

  • More Prizes Coming Soon!

Junior Dancer Image
Gaynor Minden Logo
Muromtseva Store

March 2024 Event Closed
March 2024 Results Posted by End of April

February 2023 Event Closed

The Audition took place in February 2023 and provided Ballet Dancers and Graduates of Ballet schools around the world the opportunity to demonstrate their talent to Artistic Directors from leading Ballet Companies

We later learned that it became the largest Online Ballet Audition the industry had seen, offering participant's access to 15 Artistic Directors all in one go!

Over 450 Participants took part in the event of which 138 were shortlisted as Audition Finalists and 68 candidates had later received further engagement opportunities with partnering Artistic Directors and Companies

Thanks to its initial success, we have now launched our 2024 event to help increase exposure for interested and talented candidates

Ukrainians can continue to enter Free of Charge

Live Performances are the showcase of an Artists passion for Ballet, they are the precise outcome of countless training hours, rehearsals and emotions. Performances are what we work hard for to perfect, every time, so that we can deliver unforgettable experiences for audiences around the world

We curate a selection of exceptional performances that have proven public success for several years. As a result the live shows and Artists we are passionate about have earned multiple prestigious awards across Classic and Contemporary disciplines, pleasing audiences time and time again!

Some favourites include:

  • Great Gatsby by Dwight Roden

  • Radio & Juliet by Edward Clug

  • Carmen by Didy Veldman

  • Peer Gynt by Edward Clug
    And many more..


I want to say thanks to Matvienko family and Ballet.Stage that they found a way to give mean opportunity to keep my shape and continue working during the war in Ukraine. They opened for me such a new and different ballet world that inspires me to new challenges!
Anastasia Gurskaya

I'm incredibly grateful for helping me with finding a ballet school in Czech Republic, where I was forced to move with my family because of Russian invasion. I want to express my deep gratitude for the opportunity to continue my education in the Dance conservatory of Prague
Valeria Sheliuk

I'm very grateful that I quickly and efficiently received professional help, advice and real support in finding a place to work. Thanks a lot! I also recommended them to my colleagues, who also received instant feedback and help in finding work, especially in such a difficult time
Veronika Khorozava

I would like to express how saddened myself and everyone at the Birmingham Royal Ballet feels over the current events in Ukraine. In war, nobody wins, but the Birmingham Royal Ballet community stands in solidarity with Ukrainian people during this difficult time
Carlos Acosta
Director of the Birmingham Royal Ballet

My roots are Latvian, a country that has experienced Russian aggression and horror. We know all too well our Russian "friends". In time like this it is hard to think that not all Russians think like Putin, in fact if they would know what is happening they should have the courage to stand up and bring Putin to a tribunal of war crimes. With best wishes & strengths for the future!
Andris Plucis
Director of the Landestheater Eisenach

The Polish National Ballet and I personally, am shocked, terrified, and full of admiration for our wonderful neighbours and their heroic defence of the homeland. We will do our best to help and give work and housing to the Artist arriving from Ukraine. We already offered work to some dancers, and our studios are open to all of them. We hope for the end of these horrific times. There will be more help needed, let's do our best!
Krzysztof Pastor
Director of the Polish National Ballet

Thank you very much Matvienko family and Aleksandra for your support in such a difficult time! For a possibility to return to ballet, keep my shape and soon get a contract in Dresden. At a time when I didn't know what to do next, they took a very responsible approach and offered options convenient for me. It is very valuable that ballet world is like united big family!
Diana Stetsenko

All of my thoughts and support are with Ukrainian people who are showing how strong & steadfast they are in the fight of defend their country. But what other option do they have? How would you feel if your country was being invaded and this was on your doorstep. The world is uniting to support our Ukrainian Brothers & Sisters, prayers and thoughts are wonderful but in reality action is desperately needed now to protect the Ukraine!
Aaron S. Watkin
Artistic Director the Dresden Semperoper Ballet

Our hearts are with the people of Ukraine and all of artists who are suffering from the brutal invasion and war in Ukraine. As artists, we dedicate our lives to creation, to beauty, to reaching the sublime, to trying to be the best mankind can be. War is the polar opposite to this. What is happening now shall not destroy that community and that spirit of solidarity, of sharing and artistic exchange. Let us support one another and all of our friends and colleagues in the dark time - pray for peace to come soon!
Ted Brandsen
Director of the Dutch National Ballet

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